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Amazing Technological Breakthrough in Bacterial Industry

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Amazing Success Reported with Bio-Safe One Products used in Alaska Exxon Oil Spill

Septic Antagonists and Skeptics to the biosafeone process are left speechless

Environmental News Press Release: Amazing Technological Breakthrough in Bacterial Industry: New Hope for Septic Tank Homeowners with Bio-Safe One, Inc. New Wastewater technology: Cheaper better alternative to traditional septic replacement with a contractor!

Bio-Safe One, Inc. uses a huge cutting edge technological advancement in the waste water and waste management industry. Biosafeone product technology can be related to the enormous success with the cleanup of the the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill (America's largest cleanup in America's history) with patented bacterial solutions were used. Biosafeone has developed a unique patented product that totally revolutionizes the septic industry! Bio-Safe One had developed an amazing new way to totally eliminate sewage in large amounts while completely decontaminating it as well through use of patented products.

Originally designed for huge commercial cleanups and used widely for years in waste water treatment plants, Biosafeone has made these amazing formulas available to end consumers, (commercial and residential septic tank homeowners. News of this has spread like wildfire and has opened up a floodgate of septic tank and septic system homeowners to use in reversing not only septic failure but plumbing problems and other types of septic systems or waste water treatment system such as grease trap systems, holding tanks, drywells, lagoons, outhouses, Rv septic tanks systems, etc.

Through a unique patented process of complete digestion years of accumulated waste is removed and decontaminated from a full blown septic failure. Years of scientific research back the biosafeone lab products.

Biosafeone products totally reverse septic failure and septic problems of all types. News reports have found that these amazing biosafeone products not only dry up flooded drain-fields, reverse tank failure including odors, reverse plumbing problems as well as a myriad of other annoying septic failure symptoms. Traditionally homeowners are told to “replace” their system which is very costly and leaves many bankrupt and in debt. Biosafeone has found a new better cheaper way which has saved many thousands of homeowners and business owner many millions of dollars. The average septic system replacement cost between $10,000-$70,000 while doing no more than just changing pipes in the ground. In most cases over 97% of the time, the structures are not broken and the septic failure victim is just dealing with a saturated landfill filled with toxic waste. Traditional replacement is only a temporary fix. Biosafeone shocking process dosed properly is a one time permanent solution to septic system and septic tank problems.

The Truth about Septic Replacement and the Biosafeone solution as a better cheaper, faster, smarter, environmentally sound choice to the older doldrum expensive costly septic replacement:

A replacement is temporary lasting only 3-4 years and is only necessary when someone completely crushes a structure but even then, the waste must be treated by using biosafeone not ignored. When contractors are finished a lot of times they smell up the property with toxic waste fumes which are hazardous and bad for the environment. This leaves a lot of unhappy customers and disgruntled neighbors.

Untreated waste causes sickness and disease and it destroys the environment. It can lead to death! According to the EPA several years ago there were over 197,000 cases of viral and bacteria illnesses and over 1200 deaths in one year alone, caused by failing septic systems in the US. These were only the reported cases there were many more unreported cases not mentioned. Also a third of groundwater has been damaged by failing septic systems this includes 1/3 of all lakes, rivers, streams and waterways in the US. Now the statistics are much greater due to the widespread problem. The EPA has said (1998, PR Newswire) “leaking, malfunctioning septic system are responsible for most of the ground water pollution in the US today.” Many people have gotten sick and wound up in the hospital without knowing that there septic system contamination caused the sickness. This is major environmental concern that has been kept quiet by officials in fear of negative press about ignored environmental concerns. Reports since then have become less and less for this reason. Los Osos, California had a major problem wherein the groundwater failed and got contaminated due to widespread neglect of the residential homeowners in failing to treat their sewage with our product because they relied on a promise by the town of a city sewer system which was delayed for years. The problem became very bad to the point where the underground river that flows underneath all land actually flowed into Morrow Bay whereby it contaminated the nearby environment. This lead to litigation and other complications all of which could have been avoided by using biosafeone’s new innovation common sense solution.

Residential septic tank homeowners and commercial septic system owners are not aware that a septic drain field is really a landfill. It is a land fill filled with toxic waste that needs to be decontaminated and cleaned out properly. Otherwise it can or will cause disease, sickness and environmental damage; groundwater and well water contaimination.

The new biosafeone products solve this problem, they save the environment, they completely remove sewage remove odors, they decontaminate and completely restore water-flow permanently saving the homeowner the need to dig. Commercial applications have also been nearly 100% successful as well. Another amazing thing that biosafeone products can do is that they eliminate the need to keep pumping out the septic tank which also saves consumers thousands of dollars in pumping costs as well as replacement costs.