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BIO-112 Grease Trap Cleaner & Grease Digester - 5 Gallons
For maintenance of all commercial establishments such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels, kennels, nursing homes, apartment complexes, prisons, municipal buildings, landfills, funeral homes, clinics, grease trap, industries, drain lines, down pipes, portable-toilets, sewage treatment plants, lift stations, sewage trucks, septic tanks, marinas, recreational vehicles, wet wells, fountains, ponds, schools & more!

New Improved Patented Formula! Now even Stronger! Made by same the team of Scientists who helped clean the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill! Bio-112 is the latest technology in Grease Trap Maintenance.

Over 500 Trillion lab cultivated Bacteria/Enzymes work to completely remove FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease) and Sewage rapidly and safely.

• Fast acting! See results in no time!

• Rapidly degrades fats/oils/grease
from grease traps and drain lines.

• Eliminate pump-outs. Saves you money!

• Keeps your facility clean and free of
contaminants, protecting food sources.

• Easily applied manually, or automatically
dispensed using one of our Bio-Injectors.

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Grease Trap Cleaner & Grease Digester


Results in no time!!

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BIO-112 Grease Trap Cleaner & Grease Digester PRODUCT DETAILS:

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Fat, oil and grease (FOG) can clog waste-water collection and treatment systems, grease traps, septic tanks and holding tanks causing sewage spills, manhole overflows, property damage, environmental problems, and health hazards. Animal and vegetable based oil and grease, generated by restaurants and fast-food outlets that do not adequately treat their waste, are the main contributors to these problems.

For restaurants producing grease, adequate grease control is a must. The accumulation of FOG can not only cause physical damage to the waste-water system, but can be a health hazard. Particulate matter in the form of sewage, spoiled food, mold, bacteria and other material, which can be hazardous to the health of restaurant patrons can accumulate and be dispersed in the air when FOG is not properly treated. Air-conditioning systems can and will circulate unwanted particulate matter from untreated FOG. Untreated FOG can also attract pests, such as roaches, mice, and rats. Ultimately the accumulation of untreated FOG can lead to health code enforcement violations.

Bio-Safe One, Inc provides an easy, affordable, environmentally friendly, and effective way to treat FOG. We use a scientifically advanced formula of trillions bacteria and enzymes to treat FOG in your restaurant, grease traps, and waste-water systems. Our formula of laboratory cultivated bacteria and enzymes actually digest FOG, and sewage, to clean your system. There is no other treatment on the market which is as effective as ours at decontaminating, and treating your system.

Benefits of using Bio-Safe One, Inc to treat your waste-collection system:

• Safer, cleaner and more healthy work and food environment
• Save money on disposal of FOG
• Save on maintenance/replacement costs for your
waste-collection and grease trap systems
• Avoid health code violations
• Use patented technology developed by the same
scientists who helped clean the Exxon Valdez oil-spill.
• Reduce backups
• Eliminate odors
• Maintain clean air circulation
• Eliminate air and food born illness
• Reduce or eliminate pumping costs


Who can use Bio-112 Grease Trap Cleaner & Grease Digester?
• Municipal Buildings
• Funeral Homes
• Kennels
• Restaurants
• Clinics
• Hospitals
• Shopping Malls
• Hotels
• Resorts
• Nursing Homes
• Spas & Salons
• Fast Food Restaurants
• Schools
• Airports
• Apartment Complexes
• Department Stores
• Bakeries
• Food Plaza
• Condominiums
• Marinas
• Institutional
• Prisons
• Waste Water Treatment Plants
• Landfills & more!

What can we use Bio-112 Grease Trap Cleaner & Grease Digester for?
• Commercial Grease Traps
• Porta Toilets
• Municipal Drain Line Systems
• Lift Stations
• Municipal Processing Plants
& Sewer Systems
• Holding Tanks
• Down Pipes
• Recreational Vehicles
• Wet Wells
• Kitchen Grease Traps
• Garbage Disposal Areas
• & More!


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