There is no comparison to make. Our formulas are exclusive and designed specifically and engineered through many years of research to totally digest and decontaminate all forms of waste completely. Our patented formulas have worked for many years with no complaints and complete success with thousands of completely satisfied residential and commercial clients.

Our trade well exceeds that of any company. Our formulas were created by the same team of scientist that cleaned the largest Oil Spill in America. The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill.

There are many websites that speak against additives backed by billion dollar pumping and replacement industries and sponsored by university studies. Don’t be deceived by this biased unsubstantiated finding about products that are not from our company.

Bio-Safe One pioneered the septic waste cleanup industry and drainfield restoration process using only our proprietary formulas. Attempting to achieve similar or the same results only achieved by using our specialized formulas and without the guide of our skilled field technicians only leads to the typical criticism of additives.

Our products are used by all facets of commercial application in a wide range of industries, even government agencies and municipalities have been using our formulas for years.

Recently many biological and bacteria based products have flooded the market in a commercial wave of “fix it” products that do not have the power necessary or the bacteria strain count needed to fully effectively accomplish the same results intended by our scientist in the testing of our formulas.

Our strong recommendation and what we believe to be fact is that results can only be achieved by using our highly specialized lab tested formulas that have been lab tested, proven, and fully supported by scientific research and testing.

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