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Heavy Sludge Digester - 5 Gallons

Septic Tank System Drain Field Cleaning Treatment and Heavy Sludge Digester Safe Bacteria Based Cesspool Sewage
BIO-112 Heavy Sludge Digester - 5 Gal. 

UPC#: 856790001013

Over 500 Trillions of Grease Digesting Bacteria/Enzymes that eat sewage, decontaminate and restore your Septic System/Drainfield.

• Exclusive Proprietary Formula
• Fast Acting! Digest Fats, Oils, Grease & Scum!
• No Transfer of Grease into Sewage System
• Reduces Drainage Maintenance & Pump-Outs
• Safe for Humans, Pets and Plumbing

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Septic System & Drainfield Restoration Treatment

Results in no time!!

“We had our septic tank pumped out 3 times in the last 4 months to only find out that our drain field was not working at all. We were told by our local contractors that we would need a new drain field (very expensive and messy)… We purchased alot of buckets of Bio-112 and a supply of B.O.S.S. We followed the directions given to us and were totally amazed at what happened. After 3-4 weeks we decided to try out our septic system and drain field full blast. We did laundry, took showers, ran the dish washer and used the bathroom as we normally would. WE DID NOT HAVE ONE BACKUP OR ANY TROUBLE AT ALL!! We couldn't believe what was happening. The 30 year old drain field was working like new and there wasn't even a girgle coming out to the drains. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING AND IT WORKS AS STATED!!”
- Tony Boyle, MI
BIO-112 Heavy Sludge Digester PRODUCT DETAILS

Over 500 Trillion Fast Acting BioMat and Sewage Digesting Bacteria Remove
Grease and Sewage in large amount while decontaminating.

Experiencing problems with your drain-field? Use our most powerful liquid formula BIO-112 as your solution!

BIO-112 Decontaminates, Cleans, Unclogs and Restores Septic Systems and Grease Trap Systems.

BIO-112 is the Perfect Septic SolutionTM! Due to its' exclusive proprietary formula, it is the only product on the market capable of restoring failing commercial or residential septic systems/drain-fields!

Even stronger than before our new improved patented formula rapidly reverses drain-field failure without having to dig!
Totally removes bio-mat (grease) with patented strains of grease digesting bacteria.

Bio-mat ruins drain-fields. BIO-112 removes bio-mat and large amounts of sludge in a short amount of time!
The truth about drain field replacements
  • Costly Replacement costs between $8,000 -70,000

  • Deceptive Replacement quotes are often false. Quotes are often 25-50% of actual cost.

  • Temporary Replacement is only a temporary fix to satisfy code enforcement.

  • Unsanitary Replacement does not clean out household or commercial plumbing. Relocation leaves smell and contamination afterwards.

  • Contamination Replacement, hiring a contractor to replace lines or dig a new area of drainage, does not protect against sewage contamination. Replacement does not prevent well contamination.

  • BIO-112 removes toxic waste protecting your well.

Don't be sweet talked by a contractor quote.
Many replacement victims come to Bio-Safe One after spending thousands unnecessarily to have their problems reversed for far less.

Don't be fooled by imitation products claiming to have the same capability as our patented formula. Without our grease digesting strains of bacteria it is impossible to remove bio-mat (mostly grease).

The BIO-112 HEAVY SLUDGE DIGESTER is specifically formulated for the treatment of residential, hotel and commercial septic systems, grease traps, slow running drains, floor drains and portable toilets.

BIO-112 is the latest technological development in waste treatment. Formulated by the same group of scientists that helped clean the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. Over 65 years of research and development have gone into the development of this amazing patented formula.

The active ingredients in our new & improved Bio-Safe One BIO-112 HEAVY SLUDGE DIGESTER are highly concentrated enzyme fortified aerobic (oxygen surviving) and anaerobic (non-oxygen surviving) bacteria. Over 500 Trillion Fast Acting fast acting bacteria that completely clean up your entire septic system!

BIO-112 comes in highly concentrated liquid form: a 5-gallon pail. 55 gallon drums are available via bulk order. Unlike chemicals, it is natural, safe and effective. BIO-112 has a 5+ year shelf life.

In any application, there is a “seeding” effect. The microbes in the initial dose multiply to provide an ever increasing enormous population which digest grease, paper, and organic sewage. The new improved BIO-112 HEAVY SLUDGE DIGESTER is easy to apply.

100% guaranteed to be the strongest treatment available on the market and has patented strains of bacteria that can completely digest grease and all types of sewage/sludge in a short amount of time.

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