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Bio-Safe One is by far the most effective product available today to restore drainage to clogged and failing septic systems by quickly removing large amounts of accumulated waste from the entire system!

Above is a diagram of a typical septic system before and after using our products.


Most septic system owners mistakenly rely only on pump-outs to maintain their septic systems, which tends to give them a false sense of security, or they rely on ineffective products that only break up sewage but fail to eliminate it. Pump-outs also remove the good bacteria necessary for digestion of waste.

Such ineffective septic products can actually push the undigested waste into the soil, causing premature and expensive clogging of the septic system. While the rest of the undissolved waste --over 90-95%--actually accumulates in the drainfield pipes and soil!


Picture of Septic Tank Pumping Truck

Actual customer photos below:

Pictures above are actual customer photos: 1. Flooded drainfield with surface water. 2. Water drying with Bio-Safe One. 3. After Bio-Safe One. Drainfield RESTORED.


Clogged Septic Systems and Saturated drainfields are the main cause of septic problems:

Why do such problems occur?

Though it may not be readily apparent, the majority of waste goes into the drainfield, it does not stay into the septic tank. Household products often contain harmful chemicals that can interfere with digestion, allowing waste to accumulate throughout the system over time.

A septic system is designed for water to flow freely through it. When the septic system gets clogged by years of undigested waste, incoming water from the septic system has nowhere to go and backs up into the home or drainfield soil, eventually rising to the surface of the ground. 

Other problems may occur, such as:  backups, odors, slow moving drains, greener grass appearing over the tank or field, gurgling sounds in the plumbing and surface water and/or wet soil. Don't be deceived, signs of septic failure can come and go but they always indicate a drainfield failure. Failing septic systems can ultimately cause irreversible damage to your health, property and to the environment. Bio-Safe One is more effective and far less expensive than replacing your entire system.

Immediate action is warranted when any such signs occur. Consult our treatment guide that will aid you in diagnosing and treating the problem before total system failure occurs.

Above is an actual customer photo showing
greener grass over drainfield.


Preventive Septic Maintenance:
Septic Problems Prevented by using
Bio-Safe One Septic Solution (BOSS)

By using powdered Bio-Safe One Septic Solution (BOSS) on a monthly basis, homeowners can prevent problems before they start. BOSS can give you complete waste digestion, taking charge of your septic system, so that waste never accumulates anywhere in the system.  At this point it is important to point out that signs of failure may not even appear until it’s too late for just maintenance, which will result in you having to shock your system with our BIO-112 Heavy Sludge Digester to reverse the damage.

Reverse Septic & Drainfield Failure:
Restoring your Septic System from Failure using
BIO-112 Heavy Sludge Digester

If you haven’t been maintaining your system on a monthly basis with BOSS septic treatment, your  system is definitely congested with a large amount of biomat and sludge. If the problem is not addressed in a timely manner, it will cost you a great deal in the long run. Let Bio-Safe One products prevent system failure, naturally, easily and for less money.

If you’re currently experiencing any signs of a problematic system we recommend that you follow our Treatment Guide to make sure that you dose correctly.

Our New Improved Advanced BIO-112 Heavy Sludge Digester formula has been scientifically proven to permanently reverse most septic problems and septic failure. BIO-112 is the only patented product with such proven capabilities.

When septic problems arise, most contractors mistakenly recommend replacing the drainfield.  A replacement such as this can actually cost from $9,000 to $70,000,  for what amounts to a short term fix. Many contractors offer to low-ball their own bids in order to lure unsuspecting customers into spending big money in the end.

There are two main types of waste found in your septic system: Solid waste and scum. The most common form of waste found in a septic system is solid waste which takes two forms: sludge and biomat.


Scum is a layer of grease and oils (scum layer) that forms at the top of effluent (water) in the septic tank which later contributes to biomat formation in the drainfield. Scum layers are directly affected by the products used in household cleaning. Oil-based products, for instance, can increase the scum layer in the tank. Household consumption of fatty foods also affects scum layer in the tank.

By using Bio-Safe One Products, with their powerful digesting capabilities, can completely remove the scum layer from your septic tank.

Solid waste takes two forms: sludge and biomat.

Both forms of solid waste can be completely eliminated by using our patented products, which contain highly-specialized waste digesting bacteria, enzymes and other proprietary ingredients. All of these ingredients are safe for the environment.


Picture of neglected Septic Tank with sludge and Scum

Below is a diagram of the interior of a Septic Tank

Sludge is heavy, thick, solid waste formed from feces, toilet tissue and other organic material flushed into the system via household toilets and drains.

A common misconception about sludge is that it only accumulates at the bottom of the septic tank. Sludge, however, accumulates not only in the septic tank but everywhere else throughout the entire septic system.

Water pressure compacts huge deposits of sludge into the drainfield soil, filling the soil 50-100 feet in each direction, where it accumulates gradually and continuously over time.

Sludge also accumulates underneath in the fine sand and gravel bed as well as in the leach lines. Sludge is what clogs the majority of the drainfield soil. An example of what sludge looks like in the tank can be seen in above.

Once the drainfield soil gets completely clogged with years of sludge (and biomat) water can no longer penetrate to drain properly and the system fails and backs up.


Biomat is a shiny, black compound that forms from the scum layer and grease part of solid waste, as well as oils from common household cleaning and cooking products.

The pictures below illustrate how biomat clogs leachlines and soil, preventing waterflow. The biomat in these pictures looks very similar to the oil/sewage substances that were cleaned for miles off the beaches in the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Actual customer photos below:
Pictures above are actual customer photos: 1. Biomat rising out of drainfield 2. Biomat inside leachline 3. Biomat/Sludge forming in septic tank.

Research has proven that the patented formula of BIO-112 Heavy Sludge Digester is the only one of it's kind that can interact with and remove biomat even at the point of system failure, preventing complete and permanent system breakdown, protecting the owner’s investment. While there are many other bacterial treatments on the market, none of them can entirely eliminate biomat. Years of scientific testing has proven that BIO-112 has the power to completely eliminate both biomat and sludge.

BIO-112 is a must-have, one-of-a-kind treatment made by our lab’s specially formulated strains of grease-digesting bacteria which can actually reverse septic failure. Due to the fact that biomat is made up predominantly of grease, it is nearly impossible to eliminate it any other way.


Other Companies:

Beware of imitators who seek to fool and deceive consumers with claims that their products are as good as ours; there is only one Bio-Safe One. Our formulas are unique and patented. They took over 65 years of research and development to produce, along with millions of dollars of funding to create our award-winning products.

Other companies’ customer complaints speak louder than their advertising; their products simply cannot achieve the level of success of Bio-Safe One’s patented formulas. Our products are back by years of experience, skilled biologists and field technicians. To date we have zero complaints.

Other methods, both time-consuming and expensive, have tried and failed: oxygen aeration pumps, power or hydrowashing, terra lifting, shooting foam into the soil, the addition of field-line extensions, acid or peroxide treatments, chemical additives, yeast and other less powerful bacterial products, have produced little or no results. 


Aeration Devices:
Recently, consumers have been told that aeration devices can solve full-blown septic failure and drainfield failure. After many years of research, we have never found this to be the case.

Many desperate customers come to us after laying out tremendous sums of money for aeration machines at four to seven times the actual retail cost of a pump. They get no results even after waiting months and even years. The truth is, an aerator can blow air all day, but it will never eliminate grease. Grease is one of the primary causes of septic system problems. That’s where BIO-112 comes in, completely eliminating grease quickly and easily, restoring the system’s normal function.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that drainfields become saturated after many years of sewage build-up that compacts, layer after layer in the soil. That’s why digestion of sewage must take place mainly in the drainfield rather than just in the septic tank. Though you may hear claims to the contrary, not just any bacteria will do.

Aeration pumps were designed to add more oxygen to the tank, increasing growth of aerobic bacteria (requiring oxygen to function). However, such design fails to take into account that drainfield soil has little or no oxygen available for the survival of aerobic bacteria, which is why these products fail. BIO-112 addresses the problem by using powerful anaerobic bacteria that require no oxygen but actually digest sewage deep in compacted drainfields. BIO-112 bacteria, grown in our lab is the only one of its kind that can completely eliminate drainfield sludge and biomat!

Overgrowth of Roots in Septic Systems:

Many homeowners try to diagnose the problem on their own, or a contractor may claim septic failure is due to overgrowth of roots in the drainfield, requiring both unnecessary and expensive structural replacement of drainfield lines.

Others attempt to use root or weed killers to solve this problem. Weed killers, are quite counterproductive because they use harmful chemicals that actually kill bacteria. These products can actually destroy a septic system by ending all digestion in the tank and drainfield soil, while also contaminating the ground, both in and around the septic system, as well as nearby water wells. Some weed killers are also carcinogenic, which is why Bio-Safe One refuses to sell or advocate the use of weed or root killers. With years of scientific research behind us we can guarantee that our products are not only effective but completely environmentally safe.

Our formula can remove this biomat in large amounts rapidly! These pictures below are from a customer and they speak for themselves.

Actual customer photos below:

Pictures above are actual customer photos: 1. Before picture of failed septic tank opening with sludge & scum. 2. Before picture, close-up (same septic tank. 3. After Bio-Safe One. Sludge & Scum GONE! Notice dryness & cleanliness of tank and surroundings.)

In addition to removing standing surface water over the drainfield or septic tank, BIO-112 can completely reverse all signs of septic failure. Our BOSS maintenance product is designed to prevent biomat and sludge accumulation. Bio-Safe One also has other unique patented products and features.  No other septic cleaner can do what Bio-Safe One products can do. Our qualified experts are available to assist you, one-on-one regarding the use of our powerful, proven formulas.

Septic Replacement Facts:

Septic System Replacement is expensive, temporary and ineffective!  Though the “experts” will never admit it, replacement does not address the most important cause of septic failure; the saturated soil. For example, see diagram X where four-foot trenches have been dug around leach lines.

The small area of soil (two to four feet) around each new line only lasts a short amount of time (one to three years or less) before the soil, once again, becomes saturated and the blockage reoccurs. When that happens your contractor will probably say it’s time for a very expensive undertaking, moving the drainfield to another location. While this might at first glance seem like a good idea, it leads to chronic odor problems and illness due to a lack of proper field cleaning and decontamination.


Ground Water and Well Water Contamination Problems:

Failure to clean soil leads to both well water and ground water contamination problems, as well as environmental hazards (threat of disease from toxic waste), and odors that occur during rainy days or when doing laundry. Untreated sewage destroys the environment, ruins waterways and can lead to chronic illness or even death.

A recent EPA study attributed over 197,000 viral illnesses to failing septic systems in the U.S., documenting 1,200 deaths in one year alone.

Don't allow your drinking water to get contaminated. Bio-Safe One formulas clean up your property and help prevent Ground Water and Well Water Contamination as shown in the pictures below.


Actual customer photos below:

Pictures above are actual customer photos: 1. Flooded drainfield with surface water. 2. Water drying with Bio-Safe One. 3. After Bio-Safe One. Drainfield RESTORED.

Failure to clean out clogged plumbing pipes:

Septic replacement does nothing to address the problem of clogged plumbing pipes. Bio-Safe One products, on the other hand, completely clean out clogged pipes to prevent deterioration and the eventual need for replacement. If not cleaned effectively, over time, pipes can even lose water flow capacity due to the gradual build up of sewage and biomat.

Health Dept and Code Enforcement:

In many localities health departments and code enforcement personnel mandate replacement, mistakenly promoting a solution that generates huge revenues out of homeowners’ pockets.

Pumping and Septic Replacement Industries:
University Studies, False Findings and “official” reports.

Pumping and replacement lobbyists, of course, push the agenda of pumping and replacement because pumping and replacement is also a very lucrative industry.

The replacement industry receives support from biased articles falsely about “septic additves” promoting their own outdated and ineffective methods while indirectly denigrating Bio-Safe One products' incredible effectiveness. University and government entities churn out article after article “claiming” that pumping and replacement works, while failing to reveal that they have never even tested BIO-Safe One products!

The replacement industry receives support from biased articles falsely promoting their outdated, ineffective and expensive methods. Univertity and government entitities churn out article after article advocating pumping and replacment, while failing to reveal the incredible effectiveness of our Bio-Safe One Patented formulas. The results of studies from major universities found online are based on studies done on inferior products that contain fillers. The studies do not contain our patented formulas and  they fail to mention that they have not tested our Bio-Safe One products. Our success stories from thousands of happy customers also proven them. (see our Testimonials)


Bio-Safe One is your solution.
To find out our recommendations bases on your specific need look at our TREATMENT GUIDE or ORDER NOW


When you use Bio-Safe One products to remove accumulated waste from your soil and pipes, you restore the health of your septic drainage system. With our products you spend far less money than with pumping and replacement while getting permanent results.

Septic system replacement frequently allows odors to remain and does not decontaminate the property the way Bio-Safe One formulas do. Living amid toxic waste from your septic system is unhealthy, dangerous and is destructive to the environment. Toxic smells will also be intolerable to you and your neighbors. Our products reverse these problems, eliminating the necessity of digging, while decontaminating your entire property for a fraction of the cost.

Bio-Safe One - The most cost effective septic
system insurance in the world, and the most
logical choice you can make!


Our customers are happy and their septic systems have been saved! Actual customer photos below:

Pictures above are actual customer photos: 1. Flooded drainfield with surface water. 2. Water drying with Bio-Safe One. 3. After Bio-Safe One. Drainfield RESTORED.


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