Customer Service
Our customer service representatives are here to ensure your complete satisfaction. For questions about products, order placement, or to find out the status of your order, you may email our customer service department at To better serve you, please include the purchaser's name and address in your message when you have a question pertaining to an order.

We will respond to your email inquiry within 24 hours. Should you require immediate assistance, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-866-4BIO-ONE (1-866-424-6663), Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. 9:00 p.m. EST.

We welcome your feedback! Please email us if you have comments or suggestions concerning our web site.

Security & Privacy
To ensure the security of your credit card information, all information is encrypted so that it cannot be read as it is sent through the Internet. We respect your privacy! We will never share your personal information with another company, and we will use it only for purposes to which you have consented.

Shipping & Handling
Standard Shipping in the United States . Most orders will ship within 48 hours. Special orders including bulk orders, can take up to 1 - 3 weeks to ship but can come sooner. All Alaska , Puerto Rico , Hawaii , or International orders do not qualify for free shipping but require an additional charge. If you would like to know specifically when your order will ship just ask. We will be happy to tell you. In most cases we can expedite orders. Our standard shipping method is Fed Ex or UPS which usually will arrive within 7-10 days of leaving our facilities. Faster shipping methods are available for emergency situations upon request.

International Orders
We welcome international orders. Customer will be responsible for all shipping charges, including duties, taxes and any other fees associated with the shipment of their order.

Return Policy
Customers may return certain products (except for bulk orders, multiple item orders, special orders that have special order items) to Bio-Safe One Inc. for a refund (less shipping and 20% restocking charge); All returned products must be issued a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number prior to return shipment. Customers must pack items being returned complete, with brochure, and any other materials as they were delivered to them. Regardless of condition after arrival, products must be packaged appropriately so that physical damage will not occur during return shipping. Failure to do so may invalidate both the RMA and the warranty. To qualify for a refund the product must be received by Bio-Safe One Inc. within 30 days from the date the customer originally received the product, and it must be returned to Seller in good condition. Any chargeback will be considered a debt owed to bio-Safe One, Inc. and customer agrees to pay an eighty five dollar chargeback fee.

Customer agrees that all orders placed carry our no cancellation policy and that orders that involve multiple items, special order items, or bulk orders, all carry our no refund policy, regardless of any problems customer may have receiving merchandise. Customer agrees that once an order is placed all sales will be considered final. Customer agrees that Bio-Safe one, Inc. will ship to the address given to by customer. If the customer claims that they did not receive the order placed, then It is agreed that Bio-Safe One, Inc. shall be allowed and reserves the right to have up to 45 days from the date of shipment to investigate customers claim with the shipping company. During this time, Bio-Safe One, Inc. will either validate customer's claims and replace items that were not received, or invalidate the claim in which case replacement items will not be shipped to customer. Due to fraud protection, customer agrees that delivery confirmations will not be based on customer's signature but on confirmation that order has been shipped to the address given to Bio-Safe One, Inc. by customer when order was placed.

BIO-112 is considered a special order item which carries our no refund policy due to the nature of how difficult it is to produce and for various other reasons.

Quality Guarantee
Our Bio-Safe One Septic Solution is genuine, 100% guaranteed, non-pathogenic, bacteria and enzymes, billions per gram, lab tested and re-tested before we ship.

Bio-Safe One Inc. cannot be held responsible for any kind of physical damages caused by pre-exiting problems such as septic system neglect, or misuse of product. This warranty and the obligations and liabilities of Bio-Safe One Inc. are in lieu of, and Purchaser waives, all other warranties, guarantees, conditions, or liabilities, expressed or implied, arising by law or otherwise, including without limitation the implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and further including without limitation consequential damages, whether or not caused by Bio-Safe One, Inc. negligence.
This warranty shall not be extended, altered, or varied except by a written agreement signed by Seller and Purchaser. There are no warranties that are not included here. This warranty is non-transferable.

General Policy:
By ordering or purchasing Bio-Safe One, Inc. products via the or through any other means, you the Customer fully agree to all Bio-Safe One Online Policies publically posted on this website as a condition of the sale. This includes any addendum publically posted on our site which is subject to change from time to time. As our customer you covenant, agree and give consent to be bound by all Bio-Safe One, Inc. website policies in it's entire entirety.You agree to be liable for any breach thereof of its terms and conditions of our Bio-Safe One, Inc. policies, this includes agreeing to any addendums that Bio-Safe One, Inc sets forth as well. All publically posted website Policies and all addendums shall together constitute one Agreement. This includes our current addendum posted here. As part of these policies you agree that you are prohibited from reselling, manufacturing, redistributing, copying, modifying any of Bio-Safe One, Inc. Products or services or be directly liable for all and any damages incurred from such breach of its intellectual properties or any other loss incurred from breach of this online policy page agreement. Bio-Safe One, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any business to any particular customer if it feels it needs to do so to protect its reputation and intellectual property right, or if a customer abuses any staff member or representative in any way.

Telephone Orders
All orders including telephone orders, mail orders, bulk orders, or any other type of order shall fall under and be subject to our posted internet website policies no exceptions.
If an order that was placed by phone is returned, all discounts that are initially applied when order is placed by customer such as free shipping, reduced pricing on multiple orders or singular items must be added to the restocking fee. The restocking fee will be calculated based not on the reduced price but on the regular retail price of each item.

On any returns customer will be liable for shipping charges both from Bio-Safe One to customer and from customer to Bio-Safe One. If an order is placed and our return policy is not followed then credit will not be given.
No exceptions. If a customer refuses shipment after order is placed and the shipment is received back by Bio-Safe One, then the return will be considered “not authorized”, then no credit will be issued. Any return that does not have a valid RMA number (to be determined by Bio-Safe One, Inc.) written on the package shall not receive credit and shall be liable for the full charges that apply. Customer shall be responsible to pay for any shipping charges if they want that product to be returned to them. Bio-Safe One, Inc. shall not be required to store such unauthorized returns and shall not be liable for any such returns.

Any shipment that is refused by customer after ordering shall be fully liable to pay for all merchandise ordered and any other amount appearing on order invoice including shipping. For all outstanding balances customer agrees to pay and be responsible to pay all legal fees, late fees, collection fees, and interest at a rate of 1.75% per month and all transactions shall be governed by the state of New York .

If an order is placed involving multiple items, and part of the order is refused delivery by customer, credit will not issued for the other items without a valid Return Authorization Number per item. Any items without this number will not be credited or refunded.

The website is automated, secure and protected by encrypted method. Therefore any orders placed online through our website go through automatically. It is the customers responsibility to know where a particuliar, state, region, government or area allows use of the product. Bio-Safe One, Inc. is not liable to shipments sent to unauthorized locations and or areas where product is not allowed due to the automation this includes all orders placed. It is the customer responsibility to make sure all federal, state and local laws are following in regard to use of Bio-Safe One products. Bio-Safe One is not liable for misuse of, misapplication of or shipping to unauthorized locations. This cannot be used as a reason to cancel or void an order customer is liable and responsible to know the laws of land. 
All discounts listed in a particular order and any message or comments notes must be verified and approved in writing beforehand otherwise it could be considered invalid.

Due to the complex nature of septic systems and the many different types of reasons why septic system fail (such as neglect, root problems, etc.)
Bio-Safe One does not guarantee that any of its products will reverse system failure or the symptoms of it. This includes any other type of problem. However, based on a high rate of customer success and low rate of failure you we believe that you have a good chance of greatly helping your septic system by using our products.  

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