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Amazing Success Reported with Bio-Safe One Products used in Alaska Exxon Oil Spill

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Amazing Success Reported with Bio-Safe One Products used in Alaska Exxon Oil Spill: Thousands of consumers ordering biosafeone products to fix there septic failure, septic replacement woes! Testimonials confirm biosafeone successful technological advancement in Septic Industry!

Many septic tank homeowners have caught on to the new technology that was used in the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill as a means to solve there septic problems. More information about this amazing company and its amazing products can be found by going to the website: . Below are some of the incredible stories of how biosafeone has helped solve septic problems worldwide especially in the US. In fact the testimony of one biosafeone customer states: “I rejuvenated my septic system and I am very pleased. I don't have to do any expensive repairs that could easily have cost fifteen thousand dollars or more. It was the bio-safe one product that rescued my system. Thank you, Don Litchfield, NY”.

Another biosafeone customer named Troy Nolen states “When I ordered your product I was very skeptical. I was told my washer line was bad and would have to be replaced. I had a black, foul smelling puddle in my back yard. I have a 1 acre lot and it got so bad that I could not mow about 1/5 of my back yard. I had several estimates and was looking at a huge bill of over $18,000 to replace the lines. I decided to try Bio-Safe as a last resort. Within less than a month my yard had completely dried up. Now many months later it is still dry! I'm totally sold on your product. Thanks so much!!”

Another customer Chris Andino from NE Ohio was very happy she went on saying” “My husband and I recently ordered Bio-Safe One in hopes that it would not only solve the problems we were having with our septic lines, but would also save us money over the more conventional approach of digging new lines. We were a little skeptical about the potential results at first. We live in an area where the soil is predominantly clay. Drainage is always a problem. Before ordering we spoke with some other users of Bio-Safe One who had similar or even worse septic problems than we were having. They all raved about their results with your products. We received the product and followed the instructions to “shock” our septic lines. The first thing we noticed literally within two days was the disappearance of odor. We had standing water in our front yard and the offensive smell was sometimes overwhelming. Then we began to notice the amount of standing water slowly, but steadily drying up. We were cautiously optimistic at this point. Each day brought more improvement. It’s been four weeks now since we started the process and there’s no smell, no standing water and no noxious “black” goop! We’re absolutely elated with the results. Bio-Safe One saved us thousands of dollars and was very easy to use. We would recommend the product highly.”

Many more have reported, see biosafeone website testimonial page: reversing their septic problems for far less than a replacement. Biosafeone used this technology for years on commercial systems but due to consumer need they have made it available for the average septic tank homeowner. Biosafeone products work on any type of septic system even aerobic septic systems according to one of their field tech. Biosafeone has for instance the only product that can totally effective maintain a grease trap for a restaurant, hotel, school system according to one of their top field technicians. In addition to this Biosafeone products are also used for maintenance in many commercial establishments such as kennels, nursing homes, apartment complexes, prisons, municipal buildings, landfills, funeral homes, clinics, grease trap, industries, drain lines, down pipes, portable-toilets, sewage treatment plants, lift stations, sewage trucks, septic tanks, marinas, recreational vehicles, wet wells, fountains, ponds, schools & more!

Scientists around the country have not only praised biosafeone's new technology but endorse it fully and have already implemented it as the new way to step into the future instead of reverting to old primitive former septic pumping and septic replacement industry solutions which has always been too costly and inefficient. They agree that the current remedy that homeowners are left with to solve a septic failure problem such as septic replacement with a contractor is way too expensive, causes environmental damage, does not protect the consumer from disease and should be abolished. The new biosafeone way costs way less, produces a much cleaner better results, saves a fortune for the consumer, while cleaning up the environment. In fact some scientist feel biosafeone is a candidate for a environmental praise from Nobel. Biosafeone has given new hope to fix septic problems with 100% success and with no complaints. A sure win win in the science world. Strike one for the science buffs! For detailed information on how biosafeone works you can visit their website and go to their how biosafe works page for a full explanation.