Ideal for Septic Tanks, Holding Tanks,
Lagoons, Dry wells and Cesspools

Increase the Power of Your Shock!

BoOST EFFECTIVENESS OF BIO-112 & BOSS products and Speed up recovery!
Also used in commercial systems.

The newest and most advanced technology allows the BioCube to release TRILLIONS of Bio-Safe One's patented strains of sewage and grease digesting bacteria over a period of up to 2 years into the system. Just drop the BioCube into your septic tank, it's that simple.

*Bio-Cube image is not an actual photo or exact diagram of the product. The product the product does not look exactly like this.

Shock Formula/Maintenace
Boost Effectivenss
of shock when used with
Bio-112 or BOSS
Last up to 2 years!
Results in no time!!

Add a Bio-Cube to any order
over $1000 or more and
receive a 50% discount!
SAVE $274.00!

Last up to 2 years!

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