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Buy 3 Powder Packs = $250.00 Water Dissolvable
3X Stronger Maxium Strength!

Easy to use water soluable bags.

Bio-Cube New Powder Packs
Newest Technology - 3X Stronger Maxium Strength!

Bio-Cube New Powder Packs - Patented Bacterial Enzyme
Shock Enhancement - Max 3x Strength! Septic Tank Treatment -
Septic Problem Eliminator Helps Remove All Septic Problems!  
Water Soluable - 3 x 8 oz. Packs!

SKU#: BioCubePowderPk-3

UPC#: 856790001693

Powerful Septic Shock Enhacement Treatment - Newest 3x Technology!

Made by our same team of Scientists that
cleaned the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill.
Necessary for all septic systems

• Completely Digests Sewage, Paper, Soaps & Scum.
• Proven to Rapidly Eliminate Odors and Unclog Pipes.
• Water Soluable Powder Pack - Drop in toilet or Septic Tank
• Septic System Shock and Maintenance product
• Powerful NEW SHOCK Technology - Max 3x Strength.
• Made by our same team of scientists
  who help clean Exxon Valdez Oil Spill.
• Safe to Humans, Pets, Plumbing and the Environment.

Unit Price for 3 Packets
Newest Technology! &
Max 3x Strength!

Results in no time!!

Try our Newest Technology Product - Bio-Safe One Bio-Cube Powder Packs! 3 Times normal strength shock enhancement product. Use this product to maximize the effectiveness of cleaning out a system or when "shocking" a system to clean it out of years of sewage buildup. Helps remove sludge and Biomat by creating a feeding frenzy of bacterial total digestion of the waste in all its forms.Use in conjunction with any of our Bio-Safe One Products.

Use in conjunction with BIO-112 Heavy Sludge Digester, Bio-Safe One Septic Solution or Bio-Cube Shock Enhancer. These packets dissolve right in the water without harming anything. This formula is meant to increase the digestion rate and power of any shock package or individual Bio-Safe One Product. It has our newest technology created with 3x the normal strength. It is primarily an add-on product not to replace the other products such as the BIO-112 or BOSS but to increase effectiveness when cleaning up a system. Contains a proprietary blend of patented bacteria, enzymes, and other ingredients that help create an enormous complete rapid digest with no negatives.Perfect also for those who do not have access to their septic tank. These can be used indoor in toilets and drains or outside into the septic tank or D-Box.

This product and all Bio-Safe One Products work in all types of the septic systems. Highly recommended to follow our online treatment guide and then add this at the end as a final fail-safe secret weapon to combat sewage.

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